Pantheon Of Me


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    “Listening to it feels like searching through a pitch-black house for secret performances that slowly reveal their process. It’s nonlinear textures recall Geidi” Primes-era Grimes, with dashes of New Weird American mysticism and divine soul.....”
    -Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork

    "The songs on Pantheon of Me are fluid and nonlinear. They don’t oscillate between parts. They’re largely relieved of rhythmic underpinning. Instead they swell and billow outward, or else hover, wraithlike, in absorbing reveries. There’s gossamer guitar and streaks of stardust synth, beading keys and low-end murk. And sometimes the most stirring passages are spare save for one tone pulsing lighthouse-like in the distance. " - Sam Lefebvre, East Bay Express

    Includes unlimited streaming of Pantheon Of Me via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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I dreamed a dream again, again This is the countdown We're both the evil twin This love has got to end Walk up to your house Walk up to your house This is the countdown Late last night lyin in my bed eyes red Late last night lyin ln my bed eyes red It was late last night It was late last night
Ride (x3) On that cherry, cherry horse She's a red glitter Choke cherry stallion and I, and I wanna ride I have no words for where I'm goin I, don't know where we're goin I, don't know where we're goin Do you know? Ride, we went for a ride I don't know where we're goin, I don't know Cherry tell me Cherry, Cherry (x2) Tell me. tell me, tell me where Cherry I don't wanna go to bed I wanna let the spirit ride It's one hundred degrees outside Sing while the sun rises Make everybody quiet Make everybody laugh Run until we're tired And the spirit passes And the spirit passes Cherry (and the spirit passes) (x4) Tell me where, tell me where (x4)
There's no use looking at you When I see right through (x2) If I think clearly I don't need anybody to make me feel like what I see isn't real so c'mon c'mon out now and I'll be all yours
Little baby Weepy moon Cryin over cities Look into, the mirror Interior World Interior world, The mirror (x4) Pretty baby Tryin on, clothes to wear People stare, at you baby You're their world Interior world, The mirror (x4)
Live With Me 03:17
All my children Gather like clouds And they start the dance You're nobodies stranger now
Listen, I wanna stay Listen, I wanna, stay with you all night I'm not goin back to him I'm not goin back again I'm not goin back again I'm not goin back to the grave I'm not goin back to the grave
Black out into night Burn that highway the zigzag lightning behind Oh, heaven, Is in our minds Hot holy water, wet hell I can't drown in my hometown neighborhood I'm crawling on the lawns, and my names gone in vain green my veins are vines I can't die I'm an angel I've gotta bolt from the blue Gotta bolt from the blue Gotta bolt from the blue Gotta bolt from the blue
Power, keep on lyin People, keep on tryin Climb, till we reach the higher ground High, I'm on higher ground I'm on higher, higher, higher ground I see in the dark
Whose dream am I? Whose dream am I? Livin, livinn American dreamin Let the people, sleep and the violence creep and the fever, sink in and the angels, swim for it, swim for it One at a time We're comin through One at a time We're comin, We're comin One comin (x8) at a time
Race To the center Race to the center I know by my heartbeat Tonight I was born The center of gravity In the place without a form Place without a form(x5)
Black Wax 02:18
I only have one body I give it to you Light strikes pride apart you are pure, pure of heart Put our record on Put our record on Black wax Bleeding from song to song Growing like sunflowers in the dark Growing back and forth Growing back and forth Spirits flew out of eyes Spirits flew out of mouth Into mad, morning
Lift your arms around Everyone that let you down Everyone that let Down Oh its harder Than it was before Than it was before


Pantheon of Me is SPELLLING's debut album


released September 9, 2017

All songs written, produced, mixed, recorded by SPELLLING
Mastered by Myke Johnson and Jonny Esser at Antiquity Records in Oakland, CA
Album Art Photography by Kristen Cofer


all rights reserved



SPELLLING Oakland, California



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